1. In Records, click Vendors and then Add a New Vendor
  2. In the Vendor name field, enter the name of the vendor
  3. If the Business Rule in Configuration is not set to automatically generate vendor IDs, enter the Vendor ID.
  4. In the Status field, select Active, Inactive, or On Hold
  5. In the Customer number field, you can enter your organization's customer or account number if you were assigned one by the vendor
  6. In the Tax ID number field, enter the vendor's federal tax ID number
    Note: This number prints on the vendor's 1099 form
  7. In the Terms field, select an invoice term
  8. For the program to warn you during invoice entry and purchase order line item entry if you exceed the credit limit, mark the Credit limit checkbox and enter the amount.
  9. In the Payment method field, select Check, Electronic Funds Transfer, or Bank Draft
  10. In the Payment options field, select One payment per invoice or One payment for all invoices
  11. In the Bank account field, select a bank account
  12. If this is a vendor that receives a 1099, mark the 1099 Vendor? checkbox
  13. To access the 1099 Distribution screen, click 1099 Distribution
  14. You can enter address information manually or click Address to access the Address screen
  15. In the Position field, enter the contact's position. To print the position on reports and invoices, mark Print?
  16. In the contact grid, the information you entered in the contact grid on the General tab of the Address screen appears. You can add and edit the same contact information from either location.
  17. You can complete the phone grid manually or enter the information from the Contact screen
  18. If you have the optional module Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for The Financial Edge, the User ID and PIN fields appear. You can write a custom application that allows vendors to log into the system to view their activity grid.
    1. In the User ID field, you can enter the user ID assigned to the vendor
    2. In the PIN field, you can enter the password assigned to the vendor
  19. Click Save and Close