To create a custom transcript, you export the appropriate fields from Registrar's Office and then create the report in Crystal Reports.

Following are the steps to get you started. Please note that this solution does not contain every step needed for a complete transcript. To learn more about Crystal Reports, review Crystal Reports FAQs.

  1. Export fields from Registrar's Office

    1. On the Export page, click New on the action bar
    2. On the Create a New Export screen, select Student
    3. In the Export format field, and select Blackbaud Report Writer Database (MDB)
    4. Click Create Now
    5. On the New Student Export screen, on the Filters tab, filter the students as appropriate. For example, include only students in the 12th grade with the status Current Student.
    6. Select the Output tab
    7. Expand the Student category, and select the Student name field
    8. Expand the Grades category and the Grades/Skills subcategory
    9. Select the Grade field
    10. On the Grades/Skills screen, on the General tab, leave the first field blank and accept the default in the second field

      Grades/Skills screen 

    11. Select the Filters tab
    12. Filter the students as appropriate. For example, include only one school, but multiple academic years.
    13. Click OK
    14. In the Grades/Skills subcategory, select the Grade, Marking Column, Awarded Credit, and Academic Year fields
    15. In the Grades/Skills subcategory, expand the Course subcategory
    16. Select the Course ID and Course name fields
    17. Select File, Save from the menu bar
    18. Name and save the file
    19. Select File, Export from the menu bar
    20. On the Export file name screen, select the export folder
    21. In the File name field, name the export file
    22. Click Save
    23. Select File, Export from the menu bar
    24. On the Export file name screen, in the Save in field, select the folder for the export file
    25. In the File name field, name the file
    26. Confirm the Save as type field displays Blackbaud Report Writer Database (MDB)
    27. Click Save
  2. Create a New Report in Crystal Reports 8.5
    1. Open Crystal Reports version 8.5
    2. On the Welcome screen, mark As a Blank Report

      Welcome screen 

    3. Click OK
    4. On the Data Explorer screen, expand the Database Files folder
    5. Double-click Find Database File
    6. Search for and select the MDB file created above

      MDB file

    7. Note the Data Explorer screen now lists the MDB file
    8. Press and hold Shift and select all tables listed below the file
    9. Click Add
    10. Click Close
    11. On the Visual Linking Expert screen, click Tables
    12. In the Unlinked Tables frame, move all tables from the Invisible Tables box to the Visible Tables box
    13. Click OK to return to the Visual Linking Expert screen

      Visual Linking Expert screen

    14. Click OK
    15. Select Insert, Group from the menu bar
    16. On the Insert Group screen, select the arrow in the first field. Search for and select StsSt_StudentName.


    17. Click OK
    18. On the Design tab, right-click Group Footer #1 and select Format Section
    19. On the Section Expert screen, on the Common tab, mark the New Page After checkbox

      New Page After checkbox

    20. Click OK
    21. Select Insert Group from the menu bar
    22. Select the StsGrdsGrds_1_Academicyear field and click OK. Insert another group and use the StsGrdsGrds_1Crse_CourseID field and click OK
    23. In the Field Explorer right-click on Formula Fields and select New
    24. Name your formula the name of your first marking column
    25. Create a formula that will display the grade for a selected marking column. See the below example:

      if {StsGrdsGrds_1.StsGrdsGrds_1_Markingcolumn} = "SEM 2" then {StsGrdsGrds_1.StsGrdsGrds_1_Grade}

    26. Create a formula that will display the credits earned for a selected marking column. See the below example:

      if {StsGrdsGrds_1.StsGrdsGrds_1_Markingcolumn} = "SEM 2" then {StsGrdsGrds_1.StsGrdsGrds_1_Awardedcredit}

    27. Save and close the formulas and place the formulas in the Detail section of the report
    28. Right-click on each of the formula fields and select Insert, Summary. Choose the Maximum operator and Group #3 and click OK
    29. Create summary fields for all marking column formulas
    30. Place the Course Name field in the Group Footer#3 along with the summary fields
    31. Right-click on Details and select Suppress (No- Drill Down). Do the same for Group Footer#1 and Group Header#3