Verify the correct notepad types have been selected in your parameter:

  1. In Mail, Forms, select Report Cards or Transcripts and open the report card or transcript parameter.
  2. Select the Details tab or Summary/Notes tab (depending on where this section has been defined), and open the Student Notes section.
  3. In the Notepad types to include field, mark the checkbox(es) beside the appropriate note type(s).
Verify the student note has the correct date and options selected:
  1. In Records, select Students and open the student record for which notes are not printing.
  2. Select the Notes tab.
  3. Open the Note that is not printing.
  4. Confirm the Date field shows a date that falls in the date range of the academic year, term, and session selected for the report card/transcript.
  5. Verify the Print on Report Card and/or Print on Transcripts checkboxes are marked.
  6. Save and close the note and the student record.

    Note: Depending on how many notes need to be adjusted, you may want to consider globally changing student notes.  We are able to globally change the dates as well as mark the Print on Report Card/Transcript boxes.  For more information, refer to How to Globally Change Records.