1. Click Records on the navigation bar.
  2. Click Employees, Open an Employee.
  3. Open the Employee to whom you are adding the historic entry.
  4. From the menu bar select Employee, Add Historic Entry.
  5. Enter the appropriate Period ending date, Pay date, Bank account, Payment method, and Payment number.
  6. In the Payment Details box, highlight Gross Pay and enter the Pay Type ID, Rate and Hours in the grid.


  7. To enter any deductions, highlight Deductions in the Payment Details box and enter the appropriate Deduction ID and amount.
  8. To enter any taxes, highlight Taxes in the Payment Details box and enter the appropriate Tax types, Employee W/H, and Employer Expense.
  9. To enter any benefits, highlight Benefits in the Payment Details box and enter the appropriate Benefit ID and amount. 
  10. Review the grid at the bottom to ensure the Current and YTD amounts are correct.
  11. Save and close the entry.

Note: All historic entries are marked with a post status of Do Not Post and will not affect General Ledger accounts. In order to affect any account activity you must create a manual journal entry.

Some benefits and deductions may require a pay type to be added.  You can enter a 0.00 amount for the pay type.  

Historic entries are also used to adjust W-2 amounts. Refer to How do I make tax adjustments and correct W-2 amounts and information in Payroll 7?

For more information refer to the Historic Entries section of the Payroll Records Guide (PDF).