• On the Criteria tab, do not select any filters
    • On the Output tab, select Gift Information, Gift Amount and any other fields to display on the Results tab
    • On the Sort tab, select Gift Information, Gift Amount. Click Desc to sort in Descending order.
    • Select Tools, Query Options from the menu bar
    • On the Record Processing tab, mark Apply output limits
    • Select Limit top rows and enter the appropriate number of rows. For example, if you are querying on the 25 largest gifts in the database, enter 25. To find the largest gift in the database, enter 1.

      Note: You will see all gifts in the Query results. The Output limits apply when the query is used in export or reports
    • Run the query
    • Save and close the query
    • Base any report or export on the query to view the X largest gifts in the database