You must be connected to the Internet to enroll or eFile. Through the Aatrix eFile program, you can file tax reports electronically to state and federal agencies. For more information about Aatrix eFile services, see the Aatrix website at

To eFile a report

Note: You must efile at least two days before the state or federal deadline to allow for federal processing.

  1. From an open state or federal tax report, click the next button on the toolbar until you see the option to print or eFile.
  2. Click on the eFile button.
  3. Enter you user name and password on the eFilex efile - Login screen. If you need to update user information, click Change Enrollment to access the Aatrix eFile Web page.
  4. Click Login. On the eFilex efile - User Information screen Verify the information is correct and click Continue. The eFilex efile - Pricing screen appears displaying the amount your account will be charged to eFile the report.
  5. Click Continue. If you owe an amount to the state or federal agency, a message screen appears asking if you want Aatrix to make the payment for you. If you click Yes, the eFilex efile - Agency Payment screen appears.
  6. Verify the bank information and enter the check number for the payment. Click Continue.
  7. The eFilex efile - Aatrix Payment screen appears.
  8. Verify the credit card and billing information is correct, then click Continue.
  9. Once the tax report is processed and sent to the government agency, you will receive confirmation email.
  10. Verify all report and payment information and then click Finalize. A screen appears with an AFID (Aatrix Filing Identifier) number for your records and a notification that a confirmation email was sent to you. Click Close.

For more information about eFiling tax reports, refer to the Mail Guide (PDF)