1. In Mail > State and Federal Tax Reports > Federal Tax Reports click New and select any report to preview. 
    • In Accounts Payable this will be under Mail > Forms > 1099 Forms
  2. Continue through the company setup wizard and Aatrix grid until you get to the point of previewing the actual forms.
  3. On the forms preview screen, select Tools, Registration from the menu bar.
  4. On the Registration screen, highlight one of the rows and press Delete on your keyboard to delete all registration codes.
  5. Click Done. 
  6. Close the Federal Tax Report.
  7. Preview the tax report again and you will be prompted to register your Aatrix reports. 
  8. Once registered, go to Tools, Registration to confirm your registration code.



    • Your registration is valid for one year and you will receive a reminder to renew in the last quarter of your registration.
    • If your Aatrix forms are not registered they will print with a Demo watermark.