A Student query can be used to determine the date the grade was last changed and the user who made the change.

1. In Query, create a new student query
2. On the Criteria tab expand Grades; Daily Grades and add the following fields:
     School equals (current school)
     Academic year equals (current academic year)
     Session equals (current session)
     Course ID equals (course ID) (You may use the Course name field in place of Course ID)
Marking column equals (current marking column)
4. On the Output tab add the following fields:
     Student; Bio 1; Full name
     Grades; Daily Grades; Grade
     Grades; Daily Grades; Daily Grades properties; Date last changed
     Grades; Daily Grades; Daily Grades properties; Last changed by
5. Review the Results tab to determine the date the grade was last changed and the user who made the change.

Note: If categories are deleted all assignments associated with the category are deleted. All assignment grades associated with the categories and the marking column grades calculated from the category averages will be deleted.

Note: In FAWeb version 7.83 or higher:
If an assignment is copied from one marking column to a new marking column and is subsequently deleted, the assignment can be deleted from both marking columns. When deleting a shared assignment you will receive the following prompt: "This assignment 'name' is used in other classes. Do you want to delete the assignment from those classes as well?"

To recover missing grades, a backup copy of the database can be restored on a standalone. Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

1. Load a backup on a standalone machine.
2. View the grades to verify the grades were saved. If so, restore to a backup.


Export the grades in the gradebook and manually re-enter the grades.