Pledge payments may be applied to a different campaign, fund, or appeal. However, we do not recommend doing so because it can become an issue when running reports. Pledge reports run for specific campaigns, funds, or appeals may not list the pledge balance correctly.


For example, John Smith makes a $1,200 pledge on 11/15/02 to 2003 Annual Fund. He intends to pay $100/month for 12 months starting in January 2003.


John begins making payments on that pledge in January 2003. The first 7 payments (total of $700) are made on time, and 2003 Annual Fund is listed as the fund for those payments. He then is unable to make payments for several months and ends up paying the $500 balance in February 2004. For that last $500 payment, 2004 Annual Fund was entered as the fund.


At this point, John's pledge balance is $0. He made a $1,200 pledge and paid $1,200 toward that pledge. However, consider the fact that John pledged $1,200 to 2003 Annual Fund but only paid $700 toward that fund. The other $500 was paid to 2004 Annual Fund.


Implications for the report in this example include:


    • You run a pledge report and choose Selected Funds (2003 Annual Fund) on the Filters tab. The report shows $700 in pledge payments. The $500 paid to the 2004 Annual Fund does not show because 2004 Annual Fund was not included on the Filters tab.
    • If you run the report for each fund independently using the Filters tab, the $500 payment would not show up on any report. It does not show up with 2003 Annual Fund as shown above. It will not show up on the report for 2004 Annual Fund either because this report excludes the pledge itself. The pledge has to be included on the report to include the pledge payment.
    • You may have trouble reconciling the pledge reports with other reports such as the Cash Receipts Journal or Gift Detail and Summary report. It may also be difficult to reconcile with your accounting package.


    If you decide to apply pledge payments to a different fund than the fund on the pledge, follow these steps:


      • Add the pledge payment
      • Before saving and closing the gift, select the appropriate fund on the Gift tab
      • Save and close the gift