Solicit codes enable you to track unique conditions regarding contacting a constituent.

To add a solicit code:
  1. Click Records, Constituents in the left navigation bar.
  2. Search for and open the appropriate constituent's record, then add the code in one of the following three ways:
    • Type it directly in the Bio 1 tab's Solicit code field.
    • Click the words Solicit code.
    • Place your cursor in the field and press F7 to open the solicit code screen.  

Common solicit code examples include "Do not mail," "Do not phone on weekends," and "Do not solicit." Once you've coded your constituents, you can use the codes to exclude constituents from Mail functions. For example, in Labels, follow these steps to exclude constituents with the "No mail temporarily" solicit code:
  1. Select the Filters tab.
  2. Select Exclude Selected under Filter Options next to Solicit Codes.
  3. Click the binoculars under Selected Filters. The Selected Solicit Codes screen appears.
  4. Highlight the desired solicit code(s) to exclude and move into the Exclude these entries frame.
  5. Click OK.
When you process the labels, constituents with the selected solicit code(s) are excluded.