Note: You cannot globally drop a lifetime membership. You must drop lifetime memberships individually from the constituent record.

To drop a single membership:

  1. Open the appropriate constituent record.
  2. On the Membership tab, select the membership to be dropped.
  3. Click the Drop button.
  4. Enter the drop information and click OK.
  5. If a gift was entered for the membership, adjust the gift to $0.
To globally drop memberships:

The Drop Lapsed Members link changes the status of a group of lapsed memberships from Lapsed to Dropped in a few simple steps. You can drop memberships based on the Membership Expiration Date and the Drop This Membership After Being Lapsed For option which is set for each membership category in Configuration.

For example, in the Membership Categories link of Configuration you set the Silver membership category to expire in one year, and you tell the program to drop memberships two months after the expiration date. Today is June 14, 2002, and Linda Kennedy became a Silver member on June 14, 2001. If you were to run Drop Lapsed Members today, using the date on or before June 15, 2002, Linda would not be dropped. She has not yet been lapsed for the two month grace period as required based on your settings in Configuration.

  1. From the Raiser's Edge bar, select Admin. 
  2. Click Drop Lapsed Members. The Drop Lapsed Members screen
    appears, displaying the General tab.
  3. Click Include and select the memberships you want to drop. 
  4. In the What expiration dates do you wish to consider? frame, select a time range the encompasses the memberships you want to drop (the membership must be Lapsed and be beyond the grace period in order for the membership to be dropped.) 
  5. In the Indicate the drop information you wish to include frame, select
    the information you want to appear on the membership record. 
  6. Select the appropriate options in the Miscellaneous Information frame.
  7. On Filters tab, select the criteria to use to
    filter the records included in the drop. You can filter records based on any
    of the following: Categories, Programs, and/or Constituent Codes.
  8. Click Drop Now to drop the lapsed memberships. 

For more information, refer to the Global Membership Transactions section of the Membership Data Entry Guide.