• Open the appropriate constituent's record
    • Add the address on the Addresses tab. Change the seasonal from and to dates to the appropriate date range.  For example, if the address is good from December 12 through February 28, the seasonal from is 12/12 and the seasonal to is 2/28. 
    • Mark the seasonal address "Send mail to this address." The preferred address should also be marked "Send mail to this address."
    Note:  When using seasonal addresses, at least one address should be valid for the whole year. In order to do this, leave the Valid Dates blank and unmark the Seasonal Addresses checkbox. If this is not done, there may be periods of time in the year when no addresses are valid.

    For example, a constituent lives in NJ from 3/1 through 12/11. She has a winter home in FL from 12/12 to 2/28.  Both addresses are set with the seasonal dates.  She sells her winter home in FL and you delete it from The Raiser's Edge.  The constituent now only has an address valid for part of the year.  

    Instead, the NJ address should be valid for the full year (see the note above for instructions).  The FL address is marked as seasonal from 12/12 and seasonal to 2/28. Address processing in Mail determines the correct address to which to send mail.