Note: Support for Admissions and Registrar's Office 6 ended December 31, 2008. The Education Edge, version 7 of our school management software, is a benefit of your Blackbaud maintenance plan. We offer several customizable options to help you convert to The Education Edge. Please contact your account manager.

  1. After entering all activities in Records Management for each student on the Activity tab, go to Reports.

  2. Choose Student report type, Student Activity Report.

  3. Make appropriate selections on each tab of the report to include selected student records and selected student activities.  Print Preview the report.

  4. On the preview toolbar, click on the Export button (envelope with red arrow).

  5. Export the report in Crystal Reports format, Destination: Disk file.  Click OK.

  6. Name the report.  Save it to the hard drive.

  7. When the export is complete, close Reports and open the exported report file in Crystal Reports.

  8. In Design view, right-click on Group Header #2 which represents the student group.  Choose Format Section...

  9. Select New Page Before.  Click OK.

  10. Preview the report.  Each student prints on a new page.  Print the report from Crystal Reports.