This functionality has been implemented in The Financial Edge. Learn more about upgrading to The Financial Edge.
In The Financial Edge, process the file created by scanning barcodes or created manually by following these steps:

  1. In Fixed Assets, click Administration
  2. Click Asset Inventory
  3. Click New on the action bar to create a new asset inventory
  4. On The General Tab, enter an inventory name, description, completion date and path to the inventory file
  5. On the File Layout tab, indicate the field and text qualifiers and the appropriate fields
  6. On the Filter tab, indicate any appropriate filters
  7. On the Attributes tab, indicate any attributes to add, update, or delete
  8. On the Notes tab, enter any appropriate notes.
  9. On the Format tab, indicate the comparisons to be performed and whether or not to subtotal by location and/or create an output query
  10. Click Pre-Process Report to view the Pre-Process Report
  11. Click Process File to process the inventory file.