• In Reports, select Analytical Reports.
    • Highlight First/Greatest/Latest Gift Report and click New.
    • On the General tab, select the records to include. To report on a specific group of constituents, choose to include selected records from a query of those constituents.
    • Choose the date range to be analyzed as well as how to credit soft credits and matching gifts.
    • On the Filters tab, select the specific campaigns, funds, appeals, constituencies, and solicitors that you want to analyze.
    • To include specific gift types, edit the selected gift types chosen on the Gift Types tab.
    • To include an address and/or phone number, choose the desired address or phone types on the Individual and Org Address Tabs.
    • On the Format tab, select Detail to determine which columns to include on the report.

    Format tab with Detail selected

      • Click Print or Preview to process the report.