To add an alias:

  1. In Records, click Constituents
  2. Open the appropriate constituent record
  3. Click the Alias button on the constituent's Bio 1 or Org 1 tab
  4. Enter the alias and type of alias in the grid. The type is used to distinguish between different aliases if the constituent has more than one.
  5. To automatically create aliases for spouse last name, maiden name, and/or known name at school, update Configuration, Business Rules. Highlight Constituent Options and make your selections in the fields provided.

To add a nickname:

  1. In Records, click Constituents
  2. Open the appropriate constituent record
  3. Enter the individual's nickname into the Nickname field. It is located on the Bio 1 tab for individual constituents and the General 1 tab for individual relationships.

Note: The Nickname field is only available for individuals and individual relationships. It is not available for organizations on the Bio 1 tab. (It is available for organization contacts on the individual relationship.)

To search for a constituent using aliases or nicknames:

Type the alias or nickname in the Quick Find field on the Records screen. For example, if the alias for International Business Machines is IBM, enter IBM. If the nickname for John R. Dobbs is Bob, enter Bob Dobbs.


  1. In Records, click Constituents
  2. Click the Open a constituent link
  3. Enter the alias in the Last/Org name field or the nickname in the first name field
  4. Mark the Check aliases checkbox to check aliases and/or the Check Nickname checkbox to check nicknames

Using the example above, to search for International Business Machines, enter IBM in the Last/Org Name field and mark Check aliases. To search for John R. Dobbs, enter Dobbs in the Last/Org Name field, Bob in the First Name field, and mark Check nickname.


  • The Check alias checkbox is available after entering something into the Last/Org Name field. The Check nickname checkbox is available after entering something into the First Name field. If both are available, they may both be marked at the same time if appropriate.
  • The options selected for the Check alias and Check nickname checkboxes are remembered for the next search. For example, if you mark the Check alias checkbox, search for and open a constituent record, the Check alias checkbox is marked the next time you search.