Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure that deceased, inactive, or has no valid address are not marked.
  2. Press Alt+F9 to reveal formatting in the merge document. Remove any Word merge fields included in the document.
  3. Ensure the conditional merge field is selected as a field to export. For example, if the conditional merge field is Letter code, ensure that Letter code is being exported.
  4. Ensure letters are created for each condition in the merge. For example, if basing the merge on the Letter Code, ensure a letter is created for each possible Letter Code.
  5. Ensure there is not other criteria set-up on the export fields from the output screen that would block the letter from being created.  For example, if gift amount is included as a field to export, ensure a gift type is included that matches all gift records that need a letter created.
  6. Change the campaign, fund, or appeal format user option for the user running the export or mail merge to match the user option of the user who created the export:
    1. Exit out of the export or mail merge, if opened.
    2. Select Tools, User Options
    3. Click the Records tab and select Campaign, Fund, or Appeal on the left
    4. Change the Campaign, Fund, or Appeal format to match that of the user who created the export or mail merge.


    1. Open the Export or Mail document and select Conditional Merge Wizard
    2. Re-select campaign, fund, or appeal for the conditional field
    3. For each letter listed, re-select the corresponding campaign, fund, or appeal. This will put campaign, fund, or appeal back in with the format in the user's User Options.
  7. Globally change the gifts to not acknowledged.
  8. Edit the gift and add the letter code.
  9. Recreate the mail merge.