The Raiser's Edge 6 allows you to export data into various file formats, one of which is comma-separated values (*.csv). If you try to open a *.csv file in Microsoft Access, the error message "Unrecognized Database Format" appears. By following the steps below, you can successfully open these file types in Access.

    • In Access, open a new database file.

    • Name the new database and place it in an appropriate directory.

    • Select File, Get External Data, Import from the menu bar.

    • Select the directory in which you saved the *.csv file you exported from The Raiser's Edge and change Files of Type to Text Files.

    • Highlight the file name and click Import. An Import Text Wizard screen appears.

    • In the Import Text Wizard, you can select Delimited for the format, Comma for delimiter option, and In a new table for storing data. You can highlight the column headings for the field options and change the heading names. You can also select the option Let Access Add Primary Key or assign one of the fields in your *.csv file as the primary key (such as Import ID).

    • Name this table and click Finish. Your *.csv file information is now a table in an Access database file.