This is a Microsoft issue. Refer to Microsoft's Error: file not loaded completely for additional information. 


Alternative solutions:

Export the file in the format for Excel 2007 (if available on your machine)


Export the file in a CSV format and open it in Notepad.


Export half the query at a time (for this approach, you'll need to use a Static query that is sorted on a field in ascending order):
  1. In Query, select Tools, Query Options
  2. Select the Record Processing tab
  3. Mark the Apply Output Limits checkbox and select Limit Top Rows
  4. Enter 50 and select Percent from the drop-down menu
  5. This gives you half of your query output
  6. To get the bottom half, sort the query descending instead of ascending and repeat these steps


Export the information in multiple queries by using brackets to query on a range of characters.  For instance, create 3 separate queries filtering on:

Last name begins with [a-j]

Last name begins with [k-q]

Last name begins with [k-z]

The number of records that can be exported is limited by the program you are exporting to. Some versions of Microsoft Excel only allow 17,000 rows to be exported, others may only allow 65,536 rows to be exported. If you try to export more than this, you may receive errors. Although we have had customer reports that they no longer had this issue in Office 2007, we do cannot guarantee this to be the case and cannot recommend you to upgrade. If you think upgrading to Office 2007 will resolve your issue, we recommend that you contact your IT department for assistance.