To print the phonathon forms:
  1. On the Mail page, select Phonathon Forms
  2. Open an existing phonathon form or click New to create a new one
  3. On the General tab, select which constituents to include, enter date range for the gifts to include, and determine whether to create an output query
  4. On the Fields to Include tab, select which fields print on the forms
  5. On the Filters tab, optionally filter the forms by funds, constituent codes, campaigns, appeals, and solicit codes
  6. On the Gift Types tab, select which gift types to include on the forms
  7. On the Attributes tab, optionally include or exclude constituents based on attributes
  8. On the Ind. Address and Org. Address tabs, determine which address to print
  9. On the Format tab, determine the formatting of the forms, which includes the sort
  10. Click Print or Preview to process the mailing
    Note: You can easily manage your phonathon calls with the Call Center for The Raiser's Edge custom module, which provides a screen to prompt callers for each piece of information that needs to be collected and presenting it one constituent at a time using your call list. For information on Call Center for The Raiser's Edge or to purchase, contact your account manager.