Most of these windows are hard coded and the size cannot be edited.

Alternate solutions (for some requests listed above)

  • To increase the display size (as opposed to actual field length), change the screen resolution on the workstation. Or maximize the screen.
  • Whenever possible, increase the column widths (this option is available when viewing grids).
  • To make the Favorites page have more room, remove the Action Reminders panel.
  • If the notes field is not large enough, add multiple notes with the same date and note type or add an annotation by selecting Edit, Annotate from the menu bar (may not be available in all areas).
  • For the number of employees, track this as an attribute:
  1. Create a Constituent attribute
  2. Select Number as the Data Type
  • For the organization name, enter the remainder as an Alias (click the Aliases button on the Org 1 tab)
  • If you are a Canadian client and running receipts:
  1. When printing receipts, select Create custom data file on the General tab and select the Alias field (listed under Constituent Information)
  2. Merge labels in Word