Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. In the mail parameters on the Org. Address tab:
    • Mark the Mail to Contacts option.
    • If marking the Use Selected Contact Types Only on the Contact Information button, ensure the contact to print has one of the selected contact types.
    • If selecting specific contact address attributes, ensure the contact has that attribute on the address record. Or select the 'Include contacts with one of these address attributes, no address attributes, or different attribute categories' option.
  2. Add or edit the contact record:

    1. Open the organization record.
    2. On the Relationships tab, highlight Individuals.
    3. Open an existing individual relationship record or add a new one.
    4. If the addressee is marked as Editable?, unmark it.
    5. On the General 1 tab:

      • Mark the Contact checkbox under the For this organization, this individual is a section.
      • On the More button, mark the Send mail to this address checkbox.
      • Ensure the dates are valid for the mailing.
      • Select the Attributes tab, add any attributes used as a filter in the mailing.
      • On the General 2 tab, select the Primary Addressee and Primary Salutations.

      • On the Format tab, unmark Skip lines before printing the first line.
      • Unmark the Do not mail to this contact checkbox on the Individual Contact Record.
      • Recreate the mailing.