1. In Query, select New Query and Select Invoice as the Type and Dynamic as the Format
  2. On the Criteria tab:
    • Expand Payment> select Payment Date> change operator to between and define the date range of the appropriate calendar year
  3. On the Output tab select:
    • Expand 1099 Distribution> select 1099 Box number
    • Expand Invoice> select Invoice number
    • Expand Vendor> select Vendor name
    • Any other applicable fields   
  4. Select the Results tab.

The Results tab will show all invoices for the 1099 vendors for the dates specified. It displays the 1099 box that has been specified on each invoice's GL Distribution tab.  If the 1099 Box column is blank, then the invoice was not included as 1099 activity and will need to be adjusted.


  • Query results can be duplicated if a type of the fields selected on the Output tab exist on the vendor record more than once, such as invoice number or phone numbers (home, work, cell, etc.). For example, if a vendor has 12 invoices in the date range entered in the query criteria, and invoice number is included in the Output tab, the vendor name will appear 12 times, once for each different invoice.
  • For a list of invoices, use the Cash Disbursement Journal entering the same dates and filtering by the query.
  • To prevent duplicate rows, eliminate the field causing duplicates, or run a Year to Date Vendor Analysis Report using this Query.
  • If you have duplicates in your query, run the query through another module such as Export or Reports to suppress the duplicates.

For more information, refer to 'How to find and correct missing 1099 activity'