To ask constituents for donations to your organization, you can send appeal cards. For example, you want to remind constituents to donate money to your 2013 Annual Fund. Because you already mailed letters that explain the goals of the 2013 Annual Fund, you want to send a brief appeal card to remind constituents to make a donation to this fund.

  1. On the General tab, include all records or a selected query of constituents.
  2. If you're using cards created by Blackbaud, the card type is Standard. Otherwise, select Create custom data file to merge the cards using Word.
  3. Select the Fields to include tab and use the arrows to select which fields to include.
    • If you're creating standard cards, you can include the fields Previous gift and Suggested gift. Previous gift can be the latest gift amount, largest gift amount, or total amount of all gifts. Suggested gift can be based on these same options, or it can be a fixed gift amount. When you base Suggested gift on latest gift amount, largest gift amount, or total amount, you can increase or decrease the amount by percent or dollar amount.

      Standard Appeal Cards Field Options

    • If you're creating custom cards, you can include latest gift and/or largest gift fields. You can also include total amount.
    • On the Fields to Include tab, you can also include a gift barcode, which can save you time processing gifts that come back as a result of the appeal. To learn more, review How to export barcodes and enter them in Batch.
    • On the Format tab, highlight Output Options to enter the Appeal ID, Package (if applicable), date, and comments. Mark the checkboxes to add the Appeal to the constituents' records and update the number solicited on the Appeal record (recommended). By including appeal information, you can use reports to gauge the success of the Appeal.

      Appeal Cards Output Options

    • Enter other parameters, as needed, on the other available tabs.
    • Click Preview to generate a print preview of the Appeal Cards, or click on Print to print them. You can also choose to Print from the print preview screen.