1. Create an action default set.
  2. In the General section on the Auto Remind row, mark the checkbox in the Default Value column.
  3. On the Reminder Value row, enter the number of units of time before the action date that the reminder should occur. For example, if the reminder should occur one day before the action date, enter 1.
  4. On the Reminder Units row, select the appropriate unit of time (e.g., day(s), week(s), month(s)).
  5. In the Users to Notify section, select the appropriate options:
    • All solicitors assigned to this action
    • All of constituent's active solicitors
    • Specific user - Move the appropriate users to the Notify these users (right) frame
    • Notify using:
      1. Raiser's Edge reminders
      2. Outlook appointments
      3. Both
  6. Save and close the default set.
  7. When creating new actions, load the default set created in steps 1 through 6.