As the end of the year approaches, you may find the Campaign Report to be particularly useful.

This standard pledge report can help you close a campaign and verify the status of all pledges made to it. You can also use this report to create a query of donors whose pledges are outstanding. The Campaign Report is similar to other pledge reports, but it has two major differences: the date parameter and the report format.

Instead of entering a date range on the report, enter a Pledges Made After date. All pledges made on or after this date appear on the report. Pledge balances are evaluated as of the date you run the report. For example, you started a campaign on 1/1/2001, and Michael Simpson made a pledge toward this campaign on the same day. You run the Campaign Pledge Report on 12/15/2001 with a Pledges Made After date of 1/1/2001. Michael Simpson's pledge appears. The pledge balance, payments made, and amount written off are determined as of 12/15/2001. In addition to the Pledges Made After date, you can also filter by constituency, campaigns, funds, or appeals. This allows you to print a report of all pledges made by board members to the Annual Campaign after 1/1/2001.

The Campaign Report is available in Detail and Fund Summary formats. The detail report includes constituent name, gift date, pledge type, amount pledged, payments made, amount written off, balance due, and final payment date. The summary report includes fund name, fund description, payments made, amount written off, and balance due. Both formats provide totals.

In the Detail format, the Type column indicates how the pledge was entered. Pledges with installments begin with PLM, which means master pledge. The letters and numbers following identify the frequency and number of installments.

PLG:Regular Pledge
MG PLG:Matching Gift Pledge
PLM:Master Pledge
PLM A2:Master Pledge with 2 Annual Installments
PLM A3:Master Pledge with 3 Annual Installments
PLM SA3:Master Pledge with 3 Semi-Annual Installments
PLM Q4:Master Pledge with 4 Quarterly Installments
PLM B5:Master Pledge with 5 Bimonthly Installments
PLM M6:Master Pledge with 6 Monthly Installments
PLM SM7:Master Pledge with 7 Semi-Monthly Installments
PLM BW8:Master Pledge with 8 Biweekly Installments
PLM W9:Master Pledge with 9 Weekly Installments
PLM I10:Master Pledge with 10 Irregular Installments

The Fund Summary format does not display details such as pledge type; instead it summarizes per fund the amount pledged, payments made, amount written off, and balance. The Fund Summary provides bottom line pledge totals.

You can use the Campaign Report to create a query of donors with outstanding pledges by marking the Create Output Query checkbox. When you print or preview the report, name the output query, and click OK. A query is created of the constituents whose pledges meet your report criteria and are outstanding the day you run the report. You can then use this query with other reports, such as the Pledge Activity Report, to view more detail.