Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Verify the user is listed to receive the action reminder.
  2. Verify Action Reminders are marked to be shown on the Home page
  3. Give the user rights to view actions
  4. Modify the reminder information on the action. If the reminder is not defined to show on the current date, it does not appear. (For example, a reminder may be set to remind the user only 1 day beforehand. The user will not see the reminder on his Home page a week before the action is due.) Refer to How to create an action reminder in The Raiser's Edge 7 for more information. 
  5. Log in with a user name that is selected to notify.
  6. Expand the table by clicking the plus sign (+) next to the Action Reminders table header. 
  7. If the action reminders were globally deleted or marked completed, restore to a valid backup of the database
  8. Uninstall Web Components; download and install Web Components version 10
  9. Uninstall and reinstall the Raiser's Edge 7 on the workstation
  10. Citrix and terminal services users only:

    At the terminal server:
    1. Open a command prompt. 
    2. Type Change User /Install. 
    3. Through the Start, Run line, use a UNC path to specify the location of the setup.exe in the deploy package and run setup.exe from this location.