A constituent query is able to filter on only relationship attributes - not on constituent attributes contained on the relationship's own constituent record. Create a relationship query that starts with the constituent with the attributes and isolates the linked relationship record:
  1. Create a relationship query.
  2. On the Criteria tab, select:
    Constituent, Attributes, Specific Attributes, [Attribute Name] Description equals X
    AND Individuals (or Organizations), Relationship equals (select the relationship types to include)
Note: The query pulls the constituents with the attributes and isolates the specific relationships on those constituents' Relationships tab. For this to work, the relationships must be reciprocated.

In the query, make sure to include the correct value for Relationship. For example, if constituents A and B are linked as relationships of one another. A is B's mother. On constituent A's Relationship tab, B is listed as Relationship = Daughter and Reciprocal = Mother. On constituent B's Relationship tab, A is listed as Relationship = Mother and Reciprocal = Daughter.

Let's say constituent A has the constituent attribute in question and the goal is to create a query that includes constituent B's record (because A is related to B and A has the particular attribute).

In the query above, the Relationship equals Daughter. The query will include B's relationship record on A's constituent record. It is currently not possible for the query to pull B's constituent record because the attribute is actually on A's constituent record.