For information on linking the constituent record (as opposed to just the address), refer to What is the purpose of linking records and how to link records when adding relationships. For information on unlinking constituent records from relationship records, refer to How to break the link between two constituent records linked through relationships.

The Linked? field on the Addresses tab indicates whether or not an address is shared with other records in the database. If the address is shared, the value is Yes. If it is not shared, the value is No. The address is present on the constituent record whether or not the address is linked. To help ensure the accuracy of constituent information and save data-entry time, copy and share an address from one constituent record to another.

  • When copying an address, you are pasting in a copy of the address from the original record. Changes made to the original address are not made to the copy.
  • When linking an address, you are inserting a copy of the address that is tied to the original address. Changes made to the address in either record are automatically made to the other record.
    The linked fields when an address is shared are:
    • Address Line 
    • City 
    • State
    • ZIP
    • County
    • Region
    • CART
    • LOT
    • DPC 

    Note: When updating an address that is linked/shared, it updates the address for all shared records. If you only want to update some addresses, break all the links and relink to only those addresses that should be updated. 

To link or copy addresses:  

  • From Records:
    1. Open the appropriate constituent's record 
    2. Select the Addresses tab
    3. Open the appropriate address
    4. If appropriate, break the links to any addresses that are shared (for instructions, refer to the next section, To unlink addresses.)
      Note: If you link an address to an address that is already linked, all of the addresses are now shared. 
    5. Select Address, Copy/Share Address from Constituent... from the menu bar
    6. In the search screen, browse for the constituent in which to link an address 
    7. Mark the Add? checkbox on the address in which to link
    8. Mark the Share this address checkbox to link the addresses or unmark it to copy the address
    9. Click OK 
    10. Save and close the address
    11. Save the constituent record 

    Note: When linking or copying an address, the phone numbers from the source address overwrite the phone numbers on the target address. However, the phone numbers are not linked subsequently. This way, two people with linked addresses can have their own phone numbers and email addresses.  

    • From Batch:
      1. Create a constituent batch. Include all necessary fields such as name and address.
      2. Add one of the constituents to link in this batch (Constituent A) and commit the batch
      3. Create another constituent batch. Include all necessary fields such as name and address as well as:
        • Individual Relationship, Last Name
        • Individual Relationship, Reciprocal
        • Individual Relationship, Reciprocate
        • Individual Relationship, Relationship
      4. Add the other constituent to this batch (Constituent B):
        1. Place the cursor in the Individual Relationship Last Name field and click the binoculars button to search for and select Constituent A.
        2. Select the appropriate Reciprocal code. For example, Constituent A is the nephew of Constituent B. Enter Nephew as the reciprocal. 
        3. Mark the Reciprocate checkbox
        4. Select the appropriate Relationship code. In the example above, select Aunt. 
      5. Commit the batch 

      To unlink addresses:

      1. Open the constituent's record in which to break address links
      2. Select the Addresses tab
      3. Open the appropriate address
      4. Select Address, Address Sharing Options... from the menu bar
      5. Click Stop Sharing This Address
      6. Click Save and Close on the address record
      7. Click Save and Close on the constituent record 

      Note: When breaking address links with a relationship or constituent, all address links are broken unless the link cannot be deleted. (See the following note.) You cannot selectively break the address links. 

      Let's say you add two new constituent records: (1) Bob Sr. on 1 Senior Street and (2) Bob Jr. on 1 Junior Street. Bob Sr. is Bob Jr.'s father, so you add Bob Sr. as an individual relationship on Bob Jr.'s Relationship tab. There are now essentially three records:
      • Bob Sr.'s constituent record on 1 Senior Street
      • Bob Jr.'s constituent record on 1 Junior Street
      • The relationship record between the two of them on 1 Senior Street 
      If you click the Show shared addresses button on Bob Sr.'s Bio 1 address record, the following screen appears:

      Address Links


      The screen lets you know the address is linked to a relationship record on Bob Jr.'s constituent record (the relationship record we added), and you have two options:

      • Change this address on all records that share this address
      • Change the address on this record only (this address will not be shared with any other records)
      Select the first option to update the address on Bob Sr.'s Bio 1 tab and on the relationship for him on Bob Jr.'s Relationship tab. The address links remain intact. This option is generally the way to go when the links connect individuals.

      If you select the second option, the change appears only on Bob Sr.'s Bio 1 tab, and the address for him on Bob Jr.'s Relationship tab is no longer linked. This option could apply if you link Bob Sr.'s constituent record to his company's constituent record. In that instance, it is natural for his Bio 1 preferred address to differ from his business address, as seen on his company's Relationship tab.