1. From the Records page, select Constituents and open the solicitor's constituent record. If the solicitor is currently a relationship record or does not have a constituent record, add them as a constituent.
  2. Select the Bio 1 tab for individuals or the Org 1 tab for organizations and mark the Is a solicitor checkbox.  This enables the Details button.
  3. Click Details and then optionally click New Goal. 
  4. For the Type of Goal, select Campaign or Fund, and then search for the campaign or fund record.
  5. Add a goal amount, if applicable.
  6. Save and close the new goal. The solicitor now appears on the campaign or fund record when clicking the Solicitors button.
  7. Click OK.

  • A solicitor must have a constituent record.
  • If The Raiser's Edge NXT Web View is present, a Database View Solicitor is the same as the Web View Fundraiser. This is the same process as marking a constituent as a Fundraiser in the Web View. Marking as a Database View Solicitor also updates the Fundraiser setting in the Web View.