Try each step in order until the error is resolved:
    • Repair VBA6.MSI
      1. Browse to VBA folder either in the Deploy folder or on the CD
      2. Right-click on the vba6.msi file
      3. Select Repair

      • Set the permissions needed on the hidden C:\Winnt\Installer folder:
        Verify the user has Full rights
        1. Everyone-read
        2. Administrator-full
        3. System-full

        • Remove and reinstall VBA using the VBA6.MSI
          1. Right-click on VBA6.MSI
          2. Select Uninstall

          • Install VBA6. MSI
            1. Browse to the VBA folder on the Raiser's Edge 7 or Financial Edge CD
            2. Right-click on VBA6.MSI
            3. Select Install

            • Uninstall and reinstall the workstation [ The Education Edge \ The Financial Edge \ The Raiser's Edge 7 ]
            • Verify the user has Local Administrator rights to the workstation and this workstation has rights to install software

            • Delete the InstallShield Installation Information folder, then reinstall after deleting the folder.

              By default the folder is located in:
              • The Raiser's Edge: C:\Program Files\Installshield Installation Information\{3ED92977-5FCD-11D3-9293-00104BD34E29}
              • The Financial Edge Education Edge: C:\Program Files\Installshield Installation Information\{EDC4971A-4A9F-4ABB-B7B2-E92008467015}
              • The file, kalib32.dll, is missing from the C:\Windows directory which is a dependent file for vbai60.dll. Copy the kalib32.dll file onto the desktop from another working workstation and then run setup.exe again.