The end of year update for 2017, patch 22, for version 7.87 is anticipated to be released for download by 12/22/17.

*If your database is hosted, patch 22 is scheduled to be applied in early January to ensure time to complete the last payroll of 2017.

  • Before updating, ensure that you have run your last Payroll of 2017 (last pay date of 2017).
  • You must install the end of the year patch update to ensure compliance with 1099 forms, 1096 forms, W-2s, and W-3s and ACAs.
  • The end-of-year update does not include updates for Payroll 6 and Accounts Payable 6; version 6 products are not compliant with state and federal requirements.
  • For full instructions on how to install the update for The Financial Edge, please refer to how to install a patch for The Financial Edge
  • For more EOY tips and tricks, check out our Payroll EOY Blog - Prepare for Year End Processing in Payroll