The end of year update for 2018, patch 27, is now available for download on for clients not hosted by Blackbaud.  For clients hosted by Blackbaud, the patch will be automatically deployed to all datacenters by January 13th.  

  • For end of year resources, please visit the Tax Season community page .
  • You must install the end of the year patch update to ensure compliance with 1099 forms, 1096 forms, W-2s, and W-3s and ACAs.
  • Installing the end of year patch does not automatically create new tax tables for Payroll.  The new tax tables still need to be created per KB 42114.
  • The end-of-year update does not include updates for Payroll 6 and Accounts Payable 6; version 6 products are not compliant with state and federal requirements.
  • For full instructions on how to install the update for The Financial Edge, please refer to how to install a patch for The Financial Edge
  • For more EOY tips and tricks, check out our Payroll EOY Blog - Prepare for Year End Processing in Payroll