Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
  1. Ensure that the User has Security rights to view Social Security Numbers.
  2. Re-export the import id's however ensure to retain the leading zeros.
  3. Make sure that all Import IDs are 20 alpha-numeric characters or less.
  4. Check import file to make sure all required fields are included and populated (if necessary). Refer to the appropriate section of the Import Guide to find the required fields.
  5. Verify the fields are mapped correctly in the import parameters.
  6. If importing new records, select the import option not update.
  7. In Microsoft Excel, format the column as text.
  8. Add the hyphens to the SSN.
  9. Check the extensions on all fields listed in the import and ensure that the appropriate fields have the same extension number.
  10. Check to ensure the constituent ID/Import ID is correct and that it exists in the database.


    For example, you are importing phone numbers in a constituent import. The Phone Address Import ID field has an extension of 00. The Phone Number field also has an extension of 00, but the Phone Type field has an extension of 01. In order to import any piece of phone information (including email address), The Raiser's Edge must have the Phone Address import ID. Without this information, it does not know which phone number to update. Because the phone type has an extension of 01, it does not relate to the phone address import ID and this error appears on the exceptions report.