Consolidated receipts include the total amount of a constituent's gifts that meet the criteria; individual gifts are not itemized. However, because you select this option on the constituent record, you can include constituents with either preference in the same mailing. If you select gift-specific fields on the Fields to Include tab (e.g., date, fund, and appeal), they are blank for constituents set to receive the consolidated format.

You can consolidate a constituent's gifts into a single receipt (e.g. a single mailing). This option is especially handy with respect to your regular givers, who donate weekly or monthly. They may prefer to receive receipts only once a quarter. When consolidating these functions, you reduce the expense and time required to generate your mailings.

Note: If a constituent needs a receipt of his donations in both US and a foreign currency, do not change his Receipt type to Consolidated receipts.

To set up constituents to receive consolidated receipts:

  1. Open the appropriate constituent record.
  2. Select the Bio 2 tab.
  3. Select Consolidated receipts in the Receipt type field.

    Receipt type drop-down menu

Globally change the Receipt Type.

To create and send consolidated receipts:

  1. Create a query to find constituents who receive consolidated receipts
  2. Add desired output fields and check the query results. Save and close the query.
  3. In Mail, create a new Receipt parameter set.
  4. On the General tab, select the desired receipt type. If you're using pre-printed receipts, select Pre-printed receipts. If you're creating a custom receipt in Microsoft Word, select Create custom data file.
  5. Select to Include records from the query created in step 1.
  6. On the Fields to include tab, select the fields that you want included on your receipts.
  7. Complete the remaining tabs to create the receipts.
    Note: For more information on creating receipts, review the Mail Guide.