This message may occur when General Ledger from The Financial Edge is integrated with The Raiser's Edge. Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

If your Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge are hosted by Blackbaud:

Click Chat with Support and reference this article.

If your Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge are not hosted by Blackbaud:

  1. Ensure your version of General Ledger is compatible with your version of The Raiser's Edge. 
  2. Ensure The Raiser's Edge and General Ledger integration is configured properly.
  3. If you do not post to General Ledger: (NOTE: This step should only tried by organizations that do not utilize integration to post to the General Ledger in The Financial Edge.)
  • In Configuration, click General Ledger.  
  • Unmark the Blackbaud's General Ledger is present checkbox
  1. Break the integration and re-integrate Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge