When you consolidate acknowledgement letters, you can export the total amount of a constituent's gifts that meet the criteria; however, the letter does not itemize individual gifts. Because the fields available for export differ when you consolidate acknowledgement letters, consider coding constituents who prefer this format with an attribute and using it to print their gift acknowledgements separately.

If it is necessary to export gift details for consolidated letters, refer to BB75747.

  1. If some constituents receive consolidated thank you letters and some receive one letter for each gift, create a constituent attribute called 'Consolidated Letters' or something similar and add it to the appropriate constituent records.
  2. Run Donor Acknowledgement Letters.
  3. On the Fields to Include tab, select per donor in the Send one letter to each donor drop-down.

    Send one letter to each donor drop-down

  4. On the Attributes tab:
    • Mark the 'Include or Exclude Records With these Attributes' checkbox.
    • In the Filter column, select Include. Select the 'Consolidated Letters' attribute in the Include section.
      Note: When running regular (non-consolidated letters), select Exclude.
    • In the Record column, select Constituent.
    • In the Category column, select Consolidated Letters.
  5. Go through each tab and select the appropriate options.
  6. Click Merge or Export.
  7. When prompted, click Yes to mark the letters as Acknowledged.