In Microsoft Word:

  1. Copy the text to Microsoft Word or open the file in Microsoft Word

  2. Highlight the contents of the file

  3. Select Format in the menu bar, Change Case

  4. Select Title Case

    This changes the first letter of each word to capitalized.  Note that this will change a state field, such as NY, to Ny.


    Highlight the section of text to change and press SHIFT+F3 as many times as it takes to complete the case transition. With this routine, you can cycle through: lowercase, UPPERCASE, Sentence case, Title Case, and tOGGLE cASE.

In Microsoft Excel:
  1. Add a new column next to the information that needs to be changed from uppercase to proper case.  For example, ACCOUNTS PAYABLE to Accounts Payable.

  2. In the first new cell, Type =proper(
  3. Click on one cell to change
  4. Close parentheses
  5. Press Enter
  6. Press Ctrl+C to copy the formula
  7. Highlight the cells next to the values to be changed
  8. Press Ctrl+V to paste the formula
  9. Press Enter

    =upper will change to all uppercase

    =lower will change to all lowercase

Note: After copying the formula all the way down, there will be two columns, one in CAPS and another in Proper. T remove the the values in CAPS, do the following:

    • Highlight the Proper column and press Ctrl+C to copy
    • Select Edit, Paste Special from the menu bar
    • Choose the Values option under Paste and None for Operation, click OK. This pastes the Proper case over the CAPS.
    • Delete the column where the formulas were originally