Although there is no Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) available, Blackbaud does provide a reference guide.

Help files:  

If your organization has the RODBA (Read Only Database Assistance) module, do the following to find this information:

  1. Select HelpRE:VBA/API Help from the top menu bar.
  2. For RODBA or database documentation, expand Database Reference or Changed Database References for (Current Version #).
  3. For VBA/API, expand any other section from the Contents menu such as Introduction, Programming Basics, and Object References.
VBA and API User Guides: Other products:
  1. Export the data in Microsoft Excel format using the Export function.
  2. Open Microsoft Access and create a new, blank database.
  3. Import the Microsoft Excel file by selecting File, Get External Data from the menu bar in Access.
  4. Once the data is imported, highlight the table and click Design. You can view the data type of each field within the table.

Note1: For users with RODBA support, the RODBA lists this information and helps with linking the database tables. The guide is accessed by clicking Help > Read-Only Database Assistance from the top menu bar.

Note2: For the The Financial Edge or The Education Edge, users can view this information by opening the FEDatabaseSchema.chm file found in [PATH]\The Financial Edge\Help directory.

Note3: For information regarding the objects in VBA or API, select Help, VBA/API Help from the menu bar.  The Programmer Reference section explains the objects and tables available in VBA and API.