Constituents appear in the wrong category in the Donor Category Report

The Donor Category Report allows users to view donors in differing giving levels based on how much they have donated in a given period of time.  In some instances it may appear that the donors are in an incorrect category.  

Possible causes:

    • The query on which the report is based excludes gifts.
    • Filters on the report exclude gifts.
    • Pledge and Pay Cash gifts are both selected, and the use gift balance instead of gift amount is not checked, causing the report to count the whole pledge amount and the payments.
    • One or more of the gifts are soft credited to the original donor, causing the donor to be credited twice on the report.

    Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable. 

    Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

      • If the report is based on a query, ensure it contains the correct records.
      • On the Gift Types tab of the report, ensure all the appropriate gift types are selected. If including both pledges and payments, mark the Use gift balance instead of gift amount checkbox. 
      • If the report is based on a constituent query and the query filters on campaigns, funds, appeals, or constituency codes, ensure the Filters tab of the report filters on the same values. 
      • Check the Soft Credits tab of the gifts for the donor in the incorrect category. If the donor appears on the Soft Credits tab, delete the soft credit.



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