Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Mark the gifts as not receipted
  2. If creating a custom data file (custom receipts), change the receipt type for the constituent to One receipt per gift:
                      Click Records, Constituents. 
                      Open the appropriate constituent. 
                      On the Bio 2 tab, select One receipt per gift in the Receipt type drop-down.
    OR If creating a custom data file (custom receipts), change the conditional field to a constituent field (city, state, constituency code)         
  3. On the Gift Types tab of the Receipts, unmark Exclude zero amount gifts. 
  4. Ensure the missing gift is a Recurring gift payment rather than the original recurring gift. Receipts are not generated for the original recurring gift. 
  5. On the Addresses tab of the Constituent record, ensure the SendMail? checkbox is marked for the address that is used in the mailing. 
  6. Canadian version only - If using selected receipt stacks in receipts, ensure the gift has the selected receipt stack:
                       Click Records, Gifts. 
                       Open the appropriate gift and enter the correct receipt stack.