You can automatically add standard individual, organization, gift, and action letters by installing sample letters.

  1. In Configuration, click Letters. 
  2. Highlight the appropriate letter type such as Gift or Action. 
  3. Click New Letter. The New Letter screen appears.
  4. In the Letter description field, enter the name for the letter. This name is also known as the Letter Code.
  • Note: If you are creating Letter codes to use as a conditional field in Donor Acknowledgement Letters in Mail, simply enter the name of the letter in the Letter description field and click Save and Close.
  • Note: Membership, event, and appeal letters only have the option to enter the letter name. They do not have the option to be associated with an export file. 
  • If you are creating letters to be merged from within the records for one-off situations (e.g., Constituent, Gift, Action), proceed to Step 5. 
  1. To create constituent, gift or action letters to be merged directly from the record, select the binoculars to include an existing export:User-added image
Or select to create a new export:User-added image

If creating one of these letters, you have the following options: