The user running the report must have sufficient permissions to access the Crystal Report file. Ensure that the file is in a shared location accessible by the user. If the report is already in a shared location please try the following steps:
  1. Make sure that the export is in the Blackbaud Report Writer Database format
    • Open the export
    • Select Tools > Export Options
    • The Export Format drop down should have Blackbaud Report Writer Database (mdb) selected
  2. Click Export Now to re-export the data
  3. Make sure the report is pointing to the correct export file
    • Open the report in the Crystal Reports application
    • Select Database > Set Datasource Location
    • Look at the file path in the Current Data Source box
    • If it is incorrect, Set the Location of the Database (BB406610)
  4. Select Database > Verify Database from the menu bar answering Yes to any prompts

It is also possible that some tables are present in the report but not present in the MDB file.

Locate the list of fields in the Crystal report:
  1. Open the report in the Crystal Reports application
  2. Open the field explorer
    • In Crystal 8.5: Go to Insert > Field Object
    • In Crystal XI: Go to View > Field Explorer
  3. Click "+" next to Database Fields
  4. Click "+" next to each table to see the list of fields (ignore any field ending in IDKEY or LINK as these are not database fields)
Locate the list of fields in the Export:
  1. In The Raiser's Edge/Education Edge/Financial Edge, open the appropriate Export
  2. Go to the Output tab
  3. Select View > Export Field Names (this will display the fields in the same format as Crystal)
  4. Add any missing fields to the export
  5. Click Export Now to re-export the new data
Remove fields from the report that are no longer in the export:
  1. Delete the field from the design of the report (so that it is no longer being used)
  2. Delete the table from the report
    • In Crystal 8.5: Go to Database > Remove from Report
    • In Crystal XI: Go to Database > Database Expert

Follow these steps for Crystal 8.5 if the steps above do not resolve the issue. 
  1. Export the data to a new location that has a shorter file path
    • For example save the file on the C:\ drive instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\The Raiser's Edge 7\Crystal\Sample Export.mdb
  2. Set the location of the data file (BB17127) in Crystal