1. From your data source, copy your list of IDs. (In an Excel spreadsheet, highlight the values and press Ctrl+C to copy. Ctrl and C must be used and not any menu option to "copy".)
  2. In The Raiser's Edge on the Criteria tab of the query, select the appropriate ID field, for example, Constituent ID from the Constituent Information node.
  3. In the Edit Field Criteria screen:
    • Select "One of" as the operator.
    • In the Values grid, scroll to the bottom.
    • Click in the last row.
    • Press Ctrl+V to paste the IDs. (You may see the list of IDs appear in the grid or it may appear that nothing happened.)
    • Scroll to the top of the Value grid. The values should be present now.
    • Click OK.
  4. The list of IDs now appears in the Filters frame on the Criteria tab.
  5. Add other filters as needed and run the query. 

  • Up to 500 values can be copied into a filter. If you need more than 500 values, copy the first 500 values and follow the instructions above. Then, copy the next 500 values and repeat the steps again creating a new filter for the same field. Repeat as many times as needed. Use "Or" as the criteria between the filters.
  • This function will not work with any field that requires the clicking of binoculars to search for records.
  • If your Raiser's Edge is in Blackbaud Hosting and you have Blackbaud NetCommunity, ensure you are in the full version of The Raiser's Edge and not the RE-BBNC plug-in for this technique to work.
  • If you have a list of constituent ID or Import IDs to create a query, refer also to How to create a query from an Excel list of Constituent or Import IDs.