1. From the vendor record, select the Distribution tab.
  2. In the DR Account Number column, enter the appropriate account number, or perform an account search (F7) for the correct account number. The Account Description displays once the account number is entered.
  3. In the Percent column, enter the percentage of the invoice amount applied to the specified account. If only distributing to one account number enter 100%.
  4. In the Project ID column enter the appropriate project, or perform an account search (F7) for the correct project.
  5. In the Class column, select the appropriate class
  6. Click Load Distribution to select a distribution from an existing table or from the vendor record. You can also Distribute Evenly or Delete All distributions.
  7. If you have the optional Project, Grant, & Endowment Management module, you can distribute by Projects.
  8. Mark the Distribute discounts to debit (expense) account(s) from invoice checkbox to Distribute discounts (optional)