Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure the missing gift is present in Records:
    1. In Records, click Constituents. 
    2. Search for and select the constituent who gave the missing gift. 
    3. On the Gifts tab, look for the missing gift. 
    4. If the gift is not present, add the gift.            
  2. Enter valid GL debit and credit account numbers for each gift type and/or gift sub-type on each fund. 
  3. If using gift subtypes for GL distributions make sure there is a valid sub-type on the gift(s) in question.
  4. Change the post status on the gift to Not Posted
  5. In General Ledger, ensure the fiscal year is set up in Configuration
  6. Verify the gift's GL post date is within a valid, open accounting period as defined in General Ledger Configuration. If the period is closed, change the GL post date of the gift or adjust the dates of the fiscal year in General Ledger. 
  7. Ensure the missing gift meets the criteria selected on the Gifts tab of the Post to General Ledger screen:      
    • If a query is selected, ensure the missing gift is included in the query. 
    • Ensure the date range includes the Gift Date or GL post date of the missing gift. 
    • Ensure the fund filters include the fund for the missing gift.  
  8. Run the Update Accounts plug-in in The Financial Edge 
  9. Delete the gift and recreate it.
  10. Write-offs are treated as adjustments when posting to the General Ledger.  Therefore, a query containing only Write-offs will not post any gifts.  To post Write-offs, include All eligible gifts or Adjustments and Reversals only.
  11. If using a fund filter on the gifts tab in Admin > Post to General Ledger make sure the fund in question is included in the selected options.