You can perform the following tasks in Queue:
  • Import  
  • Export  
  • Print  
  • Send as Mail  
  • Refresh Query  
  • Post to General Ledger  
  • Create GL Interface Files  

Navigating in Queue  

To access queue in The Financial Edge, open Administration and click Queue. In Accounting for Nonprofits, select the Product, then Queue from the Start, Programs menu. There are three main screens used to navigate through Queue: the Main screen, the Add Items screen, and the Schedule screen.

The Main screen provides access to all Queue functions and a list of established queues.

Main screen

You can access the Add Items screen by selecting File, New from the menu bar on the Main screen. On this screen you can create or modify existing queues. The options available in the System drop-down menu depend on the programs and modules you have installed.

Add Items screen

Select File, Schedule Queue from the menu bar on the Main screen to access the Schedule screen.

Schedule Queue

Creating a Queue These instructions are general and will vary depending on the queue you create.
  1. Select File, New from the menu bar on the Main screen.  
  2. Select a system from the drop-down menu on the Add Items screen.  
  3. Select a module.  
  4. Select a category.  
  5. Mark the Select checkboxes for the items you want to include in this queue.  
  6. Select the action for this queue (e.g., Print, Send as Mail, Export\Import).  
  7. Click Add Items to the queue, and then close.  
  8. Select File, Save from the menu bar and enter a queue name and description. These will appear on the Main screen. You can also mark the checkboxes to allow others to run and\or modify this queue.  
  9. Mark the If an error occurs while running this queue, stop processing checkbox if you want to stop the queue's processing and begin the next one scheduled if an error occurs. If you leave this unmarked, the program will skip to the next action within the same queue.  
  10. Return to the Main screen.  
Scheduling a Queue
  1. On the Main screen, select the queue(s) you want to schedule by marking the Schedule checkbox next to the selected queue.  
  2. Select File, Schedule Queue from the menu bar.  
  3. On the Schedule screen, enter the queue start time and date.  
  4. If you want to, mark the Print Control Report checkbox.  
  5. Click Schedule Now. The date and time information is grayed out. The program has now scheduled the queue to run on the selected date and time.  
  6. Click the minimize button in the upper right corner of the screen. A waiting to process task appears in the task bar until processing of the scheduled queue is complete.  
  7. You can log in again and continue working in any module, except Queue.  

You can run queues immediately by selecting the queue from the Main screen, and then selecting File, Run Queue Now.

Scheduling Considerations Scheduling information for the queue is lost if:
  • The workstation is shut down.  
  • There is a power outage.  
  • A database backup is running when the queue is scheduled.  

Queue Preferences Preferences allow you to define a variety of default settings in Queue. Preferences are workstation specific, but can be changed at any time.

General tab: Options for Default filters, Control Report Formats, Double Click Preferences, and Number of Queues Displayed

Export Defaults tab: Options for Format, Description, Separator, and Delimiter