Almost two-thirds (63%) of nonprofit professionals who took our Philanthropy After September 11th survey agreed or strongly agreed that they would be improving database management in the near future. If your Raiser's Edge database is cluttered with constituent code table entries that have lost their significance, use a query and a global change to remove them.  Then, perform a security audit and create a policy and procedures manual to ensure your constituent codes are documented and used consistently.

NOTE: If a constituent code is duplicated on a record, refer to How to remove duplicate Constituency Codes from records (BB21925).

Note: Before you perform a global change in The Raiser's Edge, backup your database.

1. Print the list of constituencies in your database and determine which table entries need to be deleted. 

2. In Query, create a static Constituent query to determine which records have the specific constituency code. Save and close the query.

NOTE: If the constituency also exists on gift records, create a static Gift query.

3. Globally delete the specific constituent code from records using the query created in step 2.

4. Delete the table entry from the constituent code table.