Fuzzy dates are less than complete dates. Use fuzzy dates when you are unsure of a complete date. For example, if you do not know the day and month a constituent was born, but you do know the year, you can enter only the year in the Birth date field of the constituent record. To enter the fuzzy date, enter the month/year (e.g.9/1975) or the year (e.g. 1975) and click Save or Save and Close. (If importing, enter this in the import data file.) In 7.93 the ability to add month/day was added (e.g. 2/24). 
Fuzzy date fields allow the following formats: 

  • month, day, and year
  • month and year
  • year only
  • month and date (Version 7.93 - Birth Date field only)
In all cases, a year is required. For dates before 1900, only month and year and month, day, and year are accepted formats.

Note: In 7.93 the ability to add month/day for the Birth Date field was added (e.g. 2/24).  Keep in mind that if you are importing, the format in the file must match what you want to appear in The Raiser's Edge.

To enter a fuzzy date for the month/year:
  1. Create a text attribute and give it a name descriptive of the date being recorded.
  2. Add the attribute to the constituent's record.
  3. For the attribute description enter the fuzzy date (i.e. July 2014 or 7/2014). 
For example, to enter the month and day for the birth date:
  1. Open an individual's constituent record and locate the Birth Date field on the Bio 1 tab.
  2. Enter the month and date (i.e. July 30 or 07/30)
Note: This allows you to query by Attributes, Specific Attributes, Birth Date, Birth Date Description contains 'July' to get all July Birthdays.
Some of the major fields that allow fuzzy dates (this list is not all-inclusive): 
  • Birth Date 
  • Credit Card Expiration Date 
  • Deceased Date 
  • Education Date Entered, Date Left, Date Graduated 
  • Gift Acknowledge Date 
  • Gift Check Date 
  • Gift Receipt Date 
  • Gift Status Date 
  • Media Date 
  • Notepad Date 
  • Relationship Date From and Date To 
  • Tribute Date From and Date To
Note: Dates required for tax purposes such as Gift Date and dates required for processing such as Address Date From and Date To (i.e. address processing) do not accept fuzzy dates.