Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • Change the gift type for the payment to something other than Pledge or Recurring Gift. Normally, the gift type is Cash. Once the gift is saved, the gift type will be preceded with the word Pay. Note: if the gift was saved before the gift type could be changed, the gift must be deleted and recreated.
    • If you are able to select Gift, Apply to, Pledge and the pledge does not appear on the Apply Gift to Pledge(s) screen, mark the Show zero amount pledges checkbox
    • If the payment has an adjustment, remove it:
      1. Open the gift that should be applied to the pledge
      • On the Adjustments tab, delete the adjustment
      • Save the gift
      • From the Gifts menu, select Apply to, Gift and select the pledge
      • Save the gift
      • Recreate the adjustment on the gift or change the gift without adding an adjustment

      • If the issue occurs with the EFT module:
        1. Commit batches with pending EFT payments


        Delete the batch containing the unposted EFT transactions
        • If the payment is entered in a batch, ensure it is not entered on the first row, which is the default row