The supported file sizes and types are:

  • File type: Standard 81 or 96 DPI 24-bit bitmap (BMP)
  • Electronic Signatures:  44 Height x 188 Width (Pixels)
  • Logo-Small: .50 in Height x .75 in Width (inches)
  • Logo-Large: .75 in Height x .75 in Width (inches)

Note: The default dots per inch for a 24-bit bitmap is 81 or 96 DPI. A signature scanned at a significantly higher DPI may need to be resized or resampled to 81 or 96 DPI.  For measurements given in inches, multiply the DPI by the inches to determine number of pixels or divide Pixels by DPI to determine measurement in Inches.  

If you use a size other than the supported size, the signature or logo may have a distorted appearance and it may print incorrectly, which could cause issues when printing signatures on checks.

For more information, refer to How to create or resize electronic signature files or logos (BB520532).